Feb 07, 2016

Wedau Süd · Duisburg

Die Stadt Duisburg und das Projektteam Wedau hatten zur weiteren städtebaulichen Entwicklung des Areals zu einer Planungswerkstatt eingeladen...

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Apr 01, 2014

Riverbank City · Russia

In 2013 the concept design for Riverbank City was completed by KK architects – together with Fugmann Janotta as landscape architects, Ramboll as engineers and Rumpu as the local supporting office – for the client Lemminkäinen. Riverbank City is envisaged not only as a comfortable commuter residence for up to 100.000

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Dez 01, 2012

De Oevers · Roelofarendsveen

With this project the centre of Roelofarendveen will grow...

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Okt 01, 2012

BSU Masterplan · Perm

In January 2014 KK Architects have completed the masterplan for the BSU agglomeration...

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Dez 01, 2011

Kama Triad · Perm

KK Architects was chosen as the winner in a design competition...

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Aug 15, 2011

German Town · Taicang

The city of Taicang is planning a ´German Town´ on approx. 75 hectares...

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Aug 01, 2011

De Remise · Haarlem

The real estate firms Hoorne Vastgoed b.v. and Pré Wonen are planning to...

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Apr 15, 2011

Beckheide · Bottrop

A new residential quarter with 60 units has been planned on derelict land...

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Mrz 01, 2011

Borbeck-Areal · Oberhausen

The residential quarter planned for ThyssenKrupp is situated on...

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Dez 01, 2007

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk · Arnhem

The developer Phanos had invited tenders...

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Jan 01, 2002

Batavia Haven · Lelystad

Batavia Haven, situated on Lelystad‘s Markermeer coast, is a new residential...

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Jan 01, 2001

Landstraat Noord · Bussum

In the centre of Bussum the historic harbour...

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Jan 01, 2000

Vleuterweide – Centrum · Utrecht

center of the new district of Vleuterweide

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Jan 01, 2000

Vleuterweide – De Hoven · Utrecht

Together with Centrum Vleuterweide

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Aug 01, 1998

De Parade · Bergen op Zoom

The master plan prepared for Bouwfonds MAB and the...

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Jan 01, 1992

De Resident · The Hague

Between the new town hall and the central station in The Hague the new...

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Jun 01, 1991

Kirchsteigfeld · Potsdam

With 60 hectares Kirchsteigfeld is one of the largest housing construction...

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